Tax March, Washington DC

April 15, 2017

An estimated 10-25 thousand people attended the Tax March in Washington, DC. Speakers included Rep "Auntie" Maxine Waters (D-Cal 43), and Rep Jamie Raskin (D-Md 8). The crowd marched to the Lincoln Memorial, passing Trump's hotel, the IRS, and Newseum.

panoramic shot of capitol, tax-march poster, respect my existence or expect resisitance, tax-march poster, what is trum hiding, tax-march-

chicken, tax-march poster, grab him by the 1040 poster, hey putin, tax-march

paper machier trump, tax-march resist hair band, tax-march poster, Darth Vador, Tax Evader, tax-march poster, give us truth, tax-march capitol w chicken,tax-march

event-tax-march-1-a poster, so sad, tax-march

poster, I hate taxes, tax-march poster, who are you in bed with, tax-march

starting to march, tax-march

marching past newseum, tax-march