Documents worth reading

What to do

Indivisible: A Practical Guide for Resisting the Trump Agenda [New version posted 1/13/2017]
Former congressional staffers reveal best practices for making Congress listen. "We ... recommend two key strategic components:
1. A local strategy targeting individual Members of Congress (MoCs).
2. A defensive approach purely focused on stopping Trump from implementing an agenda built on racism, authoritarianism, and corruption.

A Yale history professor's powerful, 20-point guide to defending democracy under a Trump presidency, Timothy Snyder, 11/28/2016.
Powerful list includes:
"Take responsibility for the face of the world. Notice the swastikas and the other signs of hate. Do not look away and do not get used to them. Remove them yourself and set an example for others to do so."

The First 100 Day Resistance Agenda , Robert B. Reich, November 19, 2016. A website with good resources -- good links to other sites. [Can't tell if it's being updated. 1/12/2017]

Why this happened

Political Plans


Read Keith Ellison's Plan

Rep Keith Ellison of Minnesota, first Muslim to be elected to the U.S. Congress, is running for DNC Chair. Read the plan

"We will stand up for people of all races, religions, genders and sexual orientations to foster a more inclusive, fair society and create an economy that works for all Americans."

Resistance resources

tag new Rogan's List.
Great Blog by Susan G. Rogan, retired university librarian and information and fact-checking geek.

Resistance Manual.
Wiki containing information about multiple issues: Obamacare, Immigration, Mass Incarceration, Tax Cuts for the Wealthy, etc.

Action Against Trump Google doc w amazing, lush array of resources by @thefordon (twitter name). Ranging from lists of easy-to-hard actions to action-of-the-day to lists of phone numbers, etc.


tag new 115th Congress Members Guide with Elections and Demographic Data by District
Lush Google SS. Contains name pronunciation, birth year, first elected, religion, census info by district, many other stats.

Information Phone numbers for Congressional reps.

House of Representatives Library. Members, House calendar, committees, legislation tracking.


How to make good protest signs

Climate change posters to download