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canvassing tips

If you're uncomfortable with the idea of knocking on doors and talking to strangers — you're in good company. Almost everyone is intimidated in the beginning.

But people try it, get over their fear, and get GOOD at canvassing!

Here are some tips:

1 Be yourself.

2 Listen.

3 If you don't know, say so.

4 Stay positive.

If you're new to canvassing, ask the campaign staff to partner you with an experienced canvasser.

★ Canvasses have different purposes: gathering information, acquiring volunteers, persuading, informing, etc. ASK your team leaders what the purpose of each canvass is.

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"Canvassing is the single most effective way to change a voter's mind and get them to vote for your candidate."
—Hannah Arrighi, Field Director, David Reid for Delegate

Canvassing tips from the David Reid for Delegate Campaign

The primary canvassing objective is to connect with the voter at a genuine, personal and human level.1


1. Hitchhiker's Guide to Persuasion Canvassing in Virginia, James D. Shelton, September 2017.