Science March, Washington DC

April 22, 2017

Despite constant rain, large crowds (50-100k?) gathered and waited patiently in blocks-long lines near the Washington Monument to go through security. Seen there were knit "brain" hats of all colors, a butterfly cape, bird puppets, lab coats, and many many great, original signs. [Photos by Denis Orsinger, unless otherwise noted.]

event-science-march-2017-no-planet-b event-science-march-2017-no-planet-b claudia-alexander event-science-march-2017-no-planet-b

event-science-march-2017 Many ponchos were sold event-science-march-2017 I should be studying Sentient Sapiens for science Let EPA do its job event-science-march-2017-mom-kids event-science-march-2017-mom-daughter event-science-march-2017-lorax poster Keep your tiny hand off  science Show some spine; Science fo the people, for the people event-science-march-2017-lit-majors-for-science Science benefits everyone event-science-march-2017-mar-a-lago event-science-march-2017-lit-majors-for-science

event-science-march-2017 I should be studying event-science-march-2017 event-science-march-2017 evidence-based Long lines for security