2017 Virginia Elections

"This is too important an election. This is the bellwether of the country." —Ralph Northam

Virginia is one of only 2 states to hold state-wide elections this year.

Despite the state having voted blue for the last three presidential elections, the Virginia House of Delegates and the state Senate are strongly Republican, due to gerrymandered districts.

The current governor, Terry McAuliffe vetoed more legislation that any Governor in VA history (91 bills).
Some of the vetoed bills (that could come back to haunt us):

  • Cutting support for Planned Parenthood.
  • Imposing more requirements on voter registration.
  • Restricting absentee voting.
  • Expanding access to handguns. 4

Virginia will move backwards unless we elect a Democrat for Governor. And we cannot make progress until we break the Republican control of the legislature!

2017 Primary Results

Primary results, maps, etc

2018 Elections

Tim Kaine up for re-election

VA Democratic Senator Tim Kaine was first elected in 2012, receiving 53% of the vote.

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★Va Elections★

Voter Registration Deadline:

Mon Oct 16, 2017

More info


1. Rock the Vote - Virginia. Basic voter info.

2. Balletpedia. Virginia page listing leadership.

3. Sister District. Helping Democrats defend or take back control of the states and bring fairness back to redistricting. As 2018 approaches, you will be matched with a swing congressional district, or other strategically important race, so that we can take back the House of Representatives and the State Legislatures.

4. McAuliffe breaks record for most vetoes by a Virginia governor, Wasington Post, March 23, 2017.