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Tax March 2017
Shelly Simonds

Shelly Simonds loses random draw.

Below is interview w Shelly right after drawing.

—Jan 4: Yancey wins random draw
Board of Elections declares David Yancey winner in Dist 94 Delegate race.
Read more | Video of drawing

—Jan 3: Court denies Simonds' request
3-Judge court allows counting of double-entered ballot to stand.
Read more→

 2 0 1 8

—Dec 27: Tie-breaker delayed; Simonds files motion
VA Board of Elections postpones the name-drawing to choose winner of tied election. Simonds files a motion in Newport News Circuit Court, asking judges to reconsider counting of the disputed ballot.
Read more→

— Dec 20: Tie declared; random drawing to decide election
A 3-judge panel allows previously unaccepted ballot in which both candidate bubbles were filled in, to be counted for the Republican Yancey. See the ballot (scroll down the page)→

— Dec 19: Simonds wins by 1 vote!
Full recount gives Simonds the win by 1 vote.

— Nov 13: Simonds now trails by 10 votes.
Provisional ballots counted. Read more→

— Nov 7: Virginia Elections; Simonds trails by 12 votes.
Democrats win all top positions and gain at least 15 seats in the House of Delegates. Simonds trails by 12 votes. Read more→

 2 0 1 7

→Phone numbers of NOVA Reps
→Info & script [the65.org]

Daily Action

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5 Calls

Advice, scripts, daily messages, info on multiple issues.

Tips & Strategies for making calls to your reps

1. Call a state or district office first.

2. Leave a voicemail. If voicemail is full, press "0." This will typically connect you to a receptionist who may be able to take your message or transfer you to a voicemail that isn't full.

3. Call the national office, if you can't get through. Or to see if you can get a real person.

4. Be prepared to give your name and your location. You can refer to yourself as a constituent, as per the script, and they might not ask.

5. Note that the operator is likely using some kind of form to mark your call, the goal is to generate a high volume of calls that require the operator to check off individual boxes. That means it's critical to name your issues specifically and not just say something like "oppose Trump."

Winter 2018

Talk with Senator Mark Warner's staff about your concerns.

About this event

NOTE: We are now meeting MONTHLY — 2nd Tuesday of every month. Everyone has a chance to speak to the Senator's staff in a group.

—Noon-12:20pm: Discussion of current events / suggested actions amongst ourselves.
—12:20-1pm: Senate staffers meet in groups with all who want to pass their concerns on to the Senator.

Please bring your requests for the Senator in written form, to ensure accuracy. But share with the group as well.

We learn from each other!

More about this event

Stop gun violence
Vigil & Advocacy Day
Vigil & Advocacy Day
Mon, Jan 15
Richmond Capitol grounds
Bell Tower, 9th & Franklin
Richmond, VA

Human rights
Woman's March 2018
Jan 20
Multiple locations, info soon

Human rights
Equal Rights Action Days in Richmond
Jan 25-26
Virginia General Assembly
201 N 9th St, Richmond, Virginia 23219

Local event
Beach Shack
Presidents' Day Progressives Party
Feb 19, 5-8pm
Clare and Don’s Beach Shack
130 North Washington Street
Falls Church, VA 22046

Summer 2018

March for the Ocean
Sat, June 9, 2018
Washington D.C